Josh’s First Haircut (in his own words)

Well Mommy finally caved and decided it was time for me to get my haircut!  I was a little bit cautious when the whole process started. (Which means I have my serious face)  Then a nice lady put on an Elmo movie for me and Aaron to watch…but daddy kept taking pictures of me sitting […]

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Some new pictures for May

Sorry I haven’t updated the pictures lately, but just added some picutures to the May folder which you can find here. We’ve had a busy last few weeks, the boys are both all over the place and curious about everything. They’ve enjoyed the warm weather and have gotten to take some nice trips to the […]

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Josh and Aaron Ain’t Gonna Take It Anymore!

Josh and Aaron have had it and they ain’t gonna take it anymore! They’ve made a new video to tell you about it. Be sure to watch all the way to the end for the big surprise ending.   We had a problem with YouTube this time; they apparently rejected the video because of a […]

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Ok so I’m thinking that Daddy should sell his idea of how to get a baby ready for crawling because I forgot to mention on here that when I returned from my Houston trip Aaron was able to crawl! He’s much faster now but occasionally will “faceplant” into the floor. Aaron we love you but […]

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Five Guys – including three small fries

    While Grandpa Les and Grandma Jodi are still down in Florida, we got all o their grandchildren together for the first time today and took some pictures of all five boys together.  Pictures are here.   This was actually our first time meeting Zac. Josh and Aaron are really lucky to have a cousin that is […]

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9 month Dr. visit at 10 months

Joshua and Aaron went for their 9 month checkup….one month late, and here are the stats: Josh: Weight: 23lb 13oz,  28 1/4″ length Aaron:Weight: 18lb 7 oz,  27″ length Both boys are very healthy and are meeting all their milestones!  They had only one shot today and won’t be back til shortly after their 1st […]

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Pictures from Last Month’s Trip to St. Louis

  Sorry for the delay in getting pictures up from last months trip to St. Louis. We had been unable to find the camera for a few weeks and thought we had left it in St. Louis. Turns out we had it all along  – whoops! Anyway, I just uploaded the pictures to our Picasa […]

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Leroy “Brown” Weil 1999 – 2009

I know this blog is usually for good news, but I guess its appropriate to use it for other stuff about our family as well. Today we lost a member of our family as Melissa and I made the very difficult decision to put Leroy down. He has really deteriorated over the last year to […]

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Aaron’s 1st Tooth is breaking in!!!!

Yay Aaron! No wonder you’ve been a bit more crabby lately!    Your 1st tooth  is just breaking through the gums on the bottom of your mouth. We love you baby! Mom and Dad

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