We miss you Daddy!

Daddy has been in Vegas since Sunday evening and will be coming home tomorrow night. We have had a lot of fun with Mommy but we like it better when they are both home to play and cuddle with us.

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Aaron and his giant Wiener

Daddy felt bad for making Aaron look bad in Josh’s spiderman video, so I thought I’d make it up to him by letting him show off his giant wiener.

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Our First Father’s Day

It’s starting to get to be a bad habit taking too long to update the blog, but we had a pretty exciting weekend last week. Last Saturday we went to the birthday party for Josh and Aaron’s friend Jaxon and got to hang out with all their other friends from their playgroup. On Sunday we […]

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Spiderman Josh!

Sorry I haven’t posted with many updates lately. I just worked on updating the album with all our June pictures so far (you can find that here) Joshua has now started to crawl on his hands and feet (rather than on his knees) and can really move across the house now. Check out the video […]

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Some more recent pictures!

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11 Months old today!

Josh and Aaron are 11 months old today! Wow time flies. David took us all out to lunch today and the boys got to try sweet potato fries Yum! We went for our daily walk today and I got a picture of them after we were done.  Aaron was happier than Josh after the walk

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Busy Weekend

We’ve had a pretty busy last few days. On Thursday we went up to Milwaukee to celebrate birthdays for Papa Les and Aunt Laura. Zac was in town again and we tried to get a picture of Papa with his five grandsons, but didn’t get a whole lot of cooperation from all the boys. We’ll […]

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