Young Frankenstein

Josh is starting to walk and rather than be encouraging and supportive parents, we’ve decided to make fun of him for looking life Frankenstein when he walks! Young Frankenstein

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Trip to Michigan

We just got back from visiting Mike, Sarah, and Dominic in Michigan.  The boys were really good in the car and are becoming great travelers. We got to the Baldarotta’s on Friday afternoon and it was pretty much one big play fest for the boys all weekend. Dominic is about two and a half months […]

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Aaron Questioned in Wienermobile Crash

Authorities are investigating the wienermobile crash in southern Wisconsin this weekend and although Aaron has known associations with the Wienermobile, he denies any involvement and claims that he was actually in Michigan visiting friends all weekend. Hopefully pictures will be able to be provided soon to help  back up this alibi claim.

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Life is a Highway

Just wanted to share quick little video we took of Josh and Aaron playing with the new push toy they got for their birthday from Grandma and Grandpa Butzie. Well…at least Josh is playing with the new toy, Aaron is just going for a ride! Life is a Highway Life is a Highway Thanks to […]

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Our 1st Birthday

We are officially one year olds as of July 3rd!  We spent this day opening a few gifts and playing with Grandma and Grandpa Butzie at our house.  Later that day we all went to Fridays for dinner and had Ice Cream for the first time!  Luckily the waitresses put lots of whipped cream on […]

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