Dancing to the Imagination Movers

While we still love the Wiggles, our new favorite show is now the Imagination Movers on the Disney Channel.  Here is a video we put together of the boys dancing to the songs on the show (we combined some footage from a few different times over the last few weeks): Dancing to the Imagination Movers […]

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Busy Weekend

We’ve gotten over our ear infections and everyone is healthy and doing well. We had a big weekend and have some pictures to share with you. We had gymnastics class on both Saturday and Sunday as we wanted to check out both Gymboree at Hawthorn Mall and the Little Gym in Gurnee.  After Gymboree, we went and played […]

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Josh and His New Teddy Bear

Josh and Aaron got a giant Teddy Bear for Valentine’s Day and while Aaron enjoyed cuddling up against it before we got out the video camera, Josh REALLY seems to like his new stuffed animal and we were able to get some video to show you. Josh and his new Teddy Bear

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Happy Valentine’s Day

Josh and Aaron want to wish everyone a Happy Valentine’s Day. As a Valentine’s Day present to everyone, Daddy finally got off his lazy butt and updated all of our pictures so everything is up to date on our online photo albums here. Josh also has a new video from Valentine’s day, but I won’t […]

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