Trip to St. Louis


Hello, room service?

We just got back from our trip to St. Louis for Passover. ¬†Grandma and Grandpa Butzie had just closed on their new condo but they haven’t moved in yet, so we stayed at a hotel near Aunt Brook and Uncle Brian’s house.

This worked out great as the boys really enjoyed a chance to spend some time with their cousins, Coltyn and Camryn.


Camryn and Aaron play on the swingset


Camryn loves having her cousins sit on her lap

The drive down went pretty well, but our nap schedule got a bit screwed up so the first night at the hotel was a little bit rough, but after that everything went well.

We took advantage of the hotel’s indoor pool and did some swimming and we also went out to play at some nearby parks, including Queeny Park, which was Daddy’s favorite as a kid. However, I swear that the playground area used to be much bigger…


Aaron at the Passover Sedar at Meadowbrook

Uncle Danny and Jamie also came to St. Louis over the weekend to visit. It was great to get so many of us together, but we all missed Uncle Kirk; hopefully next time we can get everyone in town at the same time.


Josh, Daddy and GG

Great Grandma Kessler (GG) joined us all for lunch on Sunday and then for the Passover Seder at Meadowbrook Monday night.

Both Josh and Aaron were great at the Seder and were still playing and having a good time with their cousins an hour and half past their bedtime (which conveniently worked out well for a long nap during the drive home the next day).

We’ve updated our March Album to include all of our pictures from the trip.

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  1. Grandpa Butzie says:

    Great pictures. When are you coming back to McDonald’s to get me out?

  2. Looks like you guys had a great time! I am proud of Josh and his new basketball addiction. We know what’s good!

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