Our First New Puppy Pictures!


This is a picture of our new puppy, we just do not know which one it is yet!

It’s official, we’re getting a yellow lab puppy! We went to go visit the breeder today and see the puppies that were born on March 20. There are 9 females and 1 male in the litter, which works out well as we wanted to get a female anyway. We don’t know which one will be ours yet, but they were all very cute. Our puppy should be ready to come home with us at about 7 or 8 weeks so that should be early May.


Gunner is the proud Mommy!


Are you my new puppy? Are you my new Mommy?


Those aren't pillows!

2 Responses to “Our First New Puppy Pictures!”

  1. Grandpa Butzie says:

    Nice looking puppies. Also nice looking Cardinal shirt on the White Sox faithful.

  2. Grandma Butzie says:

    The puppies are so cute. I know the boys will love her and she will love and take care of them, keep them safe. Good luck and can not wait to meet your new pup in late May.


    Grandma Butzie

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