Remy Update

This dog is going to be trouble….

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Six Flags and the Zoo!

We’ve been having a pretty busy month and wanted to give everyone some updates and add some pictures. Our June photo album can be found here. Josh and Aaron got to go to six flags for the first time and it went really well. Because we live so close, we went ahead and got season […]

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A few pictures of us

Josh and Aaron decided to have their snack today out by the fence. You can tell Aaron is still not a fan of Remy!

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Pool time!

It got kinda hot outside so Mommy got the idea of buying us a smaller plastic pool with a small slide on it.  We have a much bigger blow up pool but Mommy thought Remy might make it a chew toy.  We weren’t so thrilled to get in at first but then we didn’t want […]

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