Six Flags and the Zoo!

We’ve been having a pretty busy month and wanted to give everyone some updates and add some pictures. Our June photo album can be found here. Josh and Aaron got to go to six flags for the first time and it went really well. Because we live so close, we went ahead and got season passes and its easy to just go for a couple hours here and there and we don’t have to worry about trying to spend the whole day there. Definitely an easier way to do things when you are dealing with toddlers. So we’ve already been twice, once to do some of the rides and the other time just to go to the Hurricane Harbor water park.


Aaron and Mommy in the Big Red Car at Wiggle World at Six Flags Great America

While Aaron was disappointed that he was not yet tall enough to ride the Screamin’ American Eagle roller coaster, he had a blast on all the rides that we were able to go on. ¬†As for Josh….well, that Big Red Car ride looked pretty scary and we didn’t quite make that one.


There's Mommy and Josh!

While Josh may not be the thrill seeker that his brother is, he did manage to go on some of the other rides¬†including the Wiggle’s Fruit Salad ride, where we went at least 25 feet up in the air.


and don't forget the train!

We also rode the train around the park and waved at everyone we saw!

Back at Six Flags, this time at the water park!

The water park was also a lot of fun and I’m sure we’ll be back many times this summer. But sometimes it is still a bit much to deal with the six flags traffic so….

We’ve also been taking advantage of the kiddie pool in our back yard.


Oh no! The slide is a bit slippery!


Aaron wanted to walk everywhere at the Zoo!

For Father’s day the boys were nice enough to take me to Milwaukee Zoo. We got to ride the train again and both Josh and Aaron had a lot of fun looking at all the animals. They both like the elephants but Aaron’s favorite was the giraffes while Josh was fascinated with the alpaca exhibit (no, I didn’t know what an alpaca was either).


Josh looking at the alpacas at the zoo; for some reason these seemed to be one of his favorites

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  1. Grandma Butzie says:

    Great update. So much fun to see all the pictures and read your commentary. Cannot wait to see everyone in 2 weeks. Take care. J & A keep on going on the rides and in the water. What fun

    Love Grandma Butzie

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