About Us

Our family lives in Grayslake Illinois, a far northern suburb of Chicago.  About a year after we moved into house we became pregnant with twin boys!  Joshua and Aaron arrived on July 3rd, 2008.  Our home is full of boys…David, Joshua, Aaron, Leroy & Sambuca.  The last two names are our dogs who are 10 1/2 and 7 years old.  Melissa took a one year leave from the Woodland School District as a school-based occupational therapist to be with the babies.  David is self-employed in internet based marketing allowing him to have a much needed flexible schedule at times to help out with the boys.

This blog is intended to update our friends and family with the milestones and achievements of our family and more specifically the twins.  We hope you continue to visit us and let us know how we’re doing!

Love, David, Melissa, Josh & AaronOur Family