Aaron’s First Haircut

Aaron finally got his first haircut this weekend! It’s only been almost a year since Josh’s first haircut, so we figured it was about time.   Unlike his brother, Aaron was a champ and was perfect the whole time! And when Aaron was done, it was Josh’s turn for his haircut. He should be an […]

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2009: Aaron’s Odyssey

Josh was walking in mid July so for over 2 months now he’s been giving his brother a hard time about the whole walking thing. But no more – Aaron is now bipedal! 2009: Aaron’s Odyssey Yes, it has been a very long time since we’ve updated the blog. I would apologize, but I actually […]

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Young Frankenstein

Josh is starting to walk and rather than be encouraging and supportive parents, we’ve decided to make fun of him for looking life Frankenstein when he walks! Young Frankenstein

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Aaron’s 1st Tooth is breaking in!!!!

Yay Aaron! No wonder you’ve been a bit more crabby lately!    Your 1st tooth  is just breaking through the gums on the bottom of your mouth. We love you baby! Mom and Dad

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